Jordan and Her Kittens

Meet Jordan and her four precious little babies! Jordan is just a baby herself at only 8 months, but she's such a good mama. Here she is nursing her kittens, and in the video below, she's training them to eat solid food. We plan to give each of the kittens "river" names like their mom. We're so happy to have rescued them from certain demise. Thank you, Suong Chau, for keeping them safe 'til you got them here!

If you would like to adopt Jordan or any of her kittens once they are ready for adoption, please click here for an application. Or to help sponsor this little family and assist us with their initial testing, vaccination, and spay/neuter expenses, you can click the PayPal link on the right to make a tax-deductible donation. A family of five requires a lot of resources that we are desperately low on, so we could really use your help. Thank you! >^..^<