Rosie is still a kitten

Rosie is only about nine months old at most.  She came to us with her two kittens, Rosalita and Bruce (born 5/17/17)  They had scabies.  Bowie, (born 3/3/17 or so) clearly a Siamese/Buff tabby mix, was a refugee from the Tarpon Springs sponge docks...he had scabies as well, so they became close friends!  All four are well-healed, spayed or neutered, tested negative for FIV/FeLV,  age-appropriately vaccinated and microchipped.  Rosie is still a kitten herself. Rosalita and Bruce want to stay together.  Rosie would do fine as an only cat...she likes our big dog, but is iffy with other cats.  Depends upon her mood!  Bowie takes a little time to warm up to people, but once he does - he's a lover.

Mama Rosie
Little Rosalita - so lady-like!