Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Freeway is five years old. He came to The Little Cats Rescue as a baby, and was adopted at four months old. We received a call from Citrus County Animal Services in June of 2016 telling us that he had been tossed over their fence in a carrier at night. Long story short, here Freeway is again...hoping for a really forever home. He is long-legged, playful, and sweet. His basic attitude is "chill" and he welcomes being loved. If you are interested in meeting him, please click the menu above to fill-out an application.
P.S. Here's Freeway as a kitten...

Friday, September 2, 2016


    This handsome 14-year-old Norwegian Forest Cat is Oliver. Gina brought him to me at 6 weeks old, from a feral mom. He's always been a quirky character...you could even say he is a brat! Oliver is a cancer survivor. You've heard of a fibrosarcoma caused by rabies vaccine? It got him good. The tumor was attached to a rib and to part of his stomach, which had to be removed. He's a walking miracle. Life saving, drastic surgery performed by Dr. Scott Lamb was done six years ago. Oliver has a vet appointment on Tuesday - he's just not right. I know many of you have a soft spot in your heart for him - so please, send healing thoughts and prayers his way. If you can, please send him a tax-deductible donation for his upcoming veterinary bills.  Paypal link and mailing address, if you are so inclined - are to the right- no amount is too small (or too large!).  I'm holding my breath that he's gonna be okay. Yep - that really is his big bushy tail, and there he is arm in a arm with his bromance, Maxwell.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I'm Cloud, but I bring you Sunshine!

My name is Cloud - but I bring you sunshine and laughter.  I'm a pretty, petite girl, about two years old.  The Little Cats' Rescue saved me from death at a high kill "shelter."  I ve been here since last September, but I've been afraid and in hiding.  Recently, I decided that I should venture out of my hiding spots, and see what the other kitties here are so happy about!  I found out!  They get belly-rubs, and chin scratches.  They get to play with the humans - and I've decided that I like it!

Yes, Cloud is a sweet little smoke black kitty - who needs a patient human who will allow her to continue to blossom into the loving, out-going kitty she really is.  Cloud does well with the other cats and one large dog in residence.  She is spayed, current on vaccines, microchipped and in excellent health.