Friday, September 2, 2016

    This handsome 14 year old Norwegian Forest Cat is Oliver. Gina brought him to me at 6 weeks old, from a feral mom. He's always been a quirky could even say he is a brat! Oliver is a cancer survivor- you've heard of a fibrosarcoma caused by rabies vaccine? It got him good. The tumor was attached to a rib and to part of his stomach, which had to be removed. He's a walking miracle. Life saving, drastic surgery performed by Dr. Scott Lamb was done six year...s ago. Oliver has a vet appointment on Tuesday - he's just not right. I know many of you have a soft spot in your heart for him - so please, send healing thoughts and prayers his way. If you can, please send him a tax-deductible donation for his upcoming veterinary bills.  Paypal link and mailing address, if you are so inclined - are to the right- no amount is too small (or too large!) I'm holding my breath that he's gonna be okay. Yep - that really is his big bushy tail, and there he is arm in a arm with his bromance, Maxwell.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I'm Cloud, but I bring you Sunshine!

My name is Cloud - but I bring you sunshine and laughter.  I'm a pretty, petite girl, about two years old.  The Little Cats' Rescue saved me from death at a high kill "shelter."  I ve been here since last September, but I've been afraid and in hiding.  Recently, I decided that I should venture out of my hiding spots, and see what the other kitties here are so happy about!  I found out!  They get belly-rubs, and chin scratches.  They get to play with the humans - and I've decided that I like it!

Yes, Cloud is a sweet little smoke black kitty - who needs a patient human who will allow her to continue to blossom into the loving, out-going kitty she really is.  Cloud does well with the other cats and one large dog in residence.  She is spayed, current on vaccines, microchipped and in excellent health.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Reprieve

The Little Cats' Rescue isn't being forced to close down after all!  When we learned that our founder and foster mom of 50 cats needs bilateral hip replacements, panic ensued.  RaeAnna has been handling everything at the Sanctuary with a handful of dedicated volunteers coming in to help on their days off work.  It was impossible that she could have the surgery and all that entails, with the Sanctuary able to stay open.  Who would care for the cats and Ty?  We promised these resident cats that our Sanctuary is their home until adopted, knowing that there likely will be some that won't get adopted. "Shutting Down" is simply not an option.  Miraculously, two women showed up on our doorstep to adopt a cat. They began volunteering so they could better get to know the cats. They fell in love with the cats, with Ty,  adopted Gladys, and have been volunteering at the Sanctuary Monday - Friday ever since!  They will stay at the sanctuary while RaeAnna is in rehab.  Problem solved!

The Little Cats' Rescue is still standing, still the home to 50 wonderful cats and our guardian, TyTy.  And now, more than ever, we need your help.

Your donations allow us to continue, and we thank you for caring about The Little Cats' Rescue over these past 15 years!   We have always been run by volunteers and rely heavily on donations.  In addition to losing RaeAnna's ability to care for the cats, she will be out of work for about two months.  That money went straight into The Little Cats' Rescue account.  We're going to need your added support to keep things running smoothly.  We still have a large vet bill, still have cats that need vetting, and still rely on your support to properly care for these precious ones!  Please help us make up for the income we will lose while RaeAnna is out of work recovering from two hip replacements!

Thank you with purrs and kitty kisses, and a big kiss from TyTy, our wonderful doggie.  

SPAY and NEUTER saves lives.  If you are feeding them, PLEASE fix them. There's an entire page above listing low-cost spay/neuter options.