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Rosalita is the sweetest little calico...when she wants to be! Typical calico! Oh, she's ALWAYS loving with her foster mom - she becomes a little bully with certain other cats when the mood strikes her. Rosalita is a love-bug, actually. She adores belly rubs, and rolls onto her back and gives little squeeks to be petted. She loves to play, especially chasing the laser, and to watch out the window at the lizards and birds.

Rosalita, her brother Bruce, and their mom, Rosie, came to us when the babies were just three weeks old. They weren't in the best condition when they first arrived, but we got them super healthy and happy soon after. 
Rosalita can usually be found every morning sleeping in the middle of them.
For the longest time, the trio were never apart. We tried so hard to get them adopted together, to no avail. They've grown a bit more independent of each other and now could be separated. Of course, if they could go together, at least two of them, that would be ideal.

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Rosalita and her brother Bruce giving their mom Rosie a hug! Aren't they an adorable little family?

Rosalita has gone from precocious kitten... absolutely gorgeous young lady!