Sunday, July 12, 2020

Fur-ever Homes Needed!

It looks like Charlie is laughing here, and his playful kitten antics will make you laugh too! He's one of five tuxedo siblings, four months old. Sweet and playful as can be! (BTW, these cages are left open, so the kittens can run in and out of them and have the whole kitten room to play. They tend to gather in the cages for nap time.) We want Charlie and his siblings to have a wonderful home. They do not necessarily have to be adopted together.

Just over two months old, little Ms. Flame is part Calico, part orange tabby, and 100% loving, talkative kitten. She was all alone out there, and we are so glad she was brought to us for safety. If you or someone you know is looking for a sweet and adorable kitten, please keep Flame in mind so she can find her forever family!

Strikingly handsome, with a heart on his nose and white-tipped tail, Sir Henry will give you hours of love and laughter. He is four months old. A purrfect kitty. He loves to be held, and he purrs like mad! 

Little Bentley is about two months old. He's so sweet, loves to be held, and purrs up a storm. He's intimidated by the other kittens, but we're working on it. 

Sasha is deep in thought, imagining her very own forever family. Sasha is four months old, one of five tuxedo siblings. She's a very sweet young lady - likes to be held, loves to play, and purrs all the time.

My name is Brody. I'm only two months old. I was saved from the same street as little Quinn. I love to play. My purr is very, very loud! 

If you would like to schedule a play date to meet any of our kitties, please click here to fill out an adoption form.