Rest in Peace, Bojangles. You are deeply missed.
Bojangles left this planet today, 4/20/2018, while resting in my arms. We spent his last hour in our favorite spot with TyTy, Rudy and Texas. Bo didn't suffer and passed peacefully, fully aware of our presence. We are so very sad.   He was a brave little guy. 

I pulled Bojangles from "death row" at Animal Control six years ago.  He was less than a year old and was about to be killed for no reason other than "no space."  He was a happy kitty, and a very good boy.  Bojangles loved to be outside in our yard with his best friend, TyTy.  The past year, however, his health deteriorated.  We tried everything - he went down to five pounds, then gained back two, and we were so hopeful.  I think he was never adopted, because he was supposed to live out his life with me and TyTy.   My life will never be the same, having lived with and loved Bojangles.