Saturday, June 6, 2015

UPDATE:  KiKi has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.  She got to us too late.  

This precious kitty is KiKi. She is a two-year old Himalayan girl who has gone from a hoarder situation to a home of neglect - as you can see from her picture. (her eyes are actually blue) Pretty much most of her body looks like this. I rescued her today and took her to our vet, who said she seems to be in good health except for this horrible skin condition. She had been basically living in a litter box, eating litter, for a month. When she is all healed, emotionally and physically,we will hopefully rehome her. If you would like to sponsor KiKi, or foster her, please email me at She will need to be spayed and vaccinated.   No cat deserves to live like that, and no cat deserves to be killed because of this. You could use our Paypal link on the side of the page, or mail to our address.