Monday, February 3, 2014

TLC Rescue needs sponsors

Several of our cats need help with funds for veterinary care. If you or someone you know is interested in being a Little Cats Rescue sponsor, please contact us!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Dangers of Declawing

Things your vet probably wont tell you about declawing your cat... please read and think twice about it! There are many safe alternatives for your cats such as multiple scratch posts, cat nail caps, etc..

Be kind, DON'T declaw!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Caturday: Meet the Kitties!

Amy is such a sweetheart. She and her two brothers (Fernando and Magellan) were born to Marleigh two days after their house burned down. Amy is talkative and very active. She likes to ride on your shoulder! Amy loves her mama and brothers. It would be so awesome if the family of 4 could stay together - Marleigh, Fernando, Amy and Magellen.

 Sweet Stasia was thrown from a car as a few-weeks-old kitten, along with her best buddy Sofia. She has recovered beautifully and is waiting for a very loving forever home! She's a very happy and playful kitty.

 This is Gizmo. Some say he is a Russian Blue, some say he is a Korat. Whatever his breed, he is a wonderful, young neutered male.  Gizmo turned one year old this October. He is fully vetted and ready to give you the love you are looking for! Gentle children would be fine with him. Please share his need - he would really like his very own home.


Giselle is a character! Rescued from a bad Tampa neighborhood, where she lived in the parking lot, she LOVES being inside! The day we rescued Giselle, she had been severely attacked by a dog and required extensive surgery. She is good as new, thanks to Dr. Scott Lamb. Giselle is approximately five years old. She has a bit of a quirky purrsonality - and is VERY sweet. She likes to curl up around your ankles, grab your arm as you pass by - and she does give love bites, so younger children or the elderly would not be a good match. Giselle is quite content just hanging around being loved!

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There are few things as wonderful as loving and being loved by a cat.