About Us

 THE LITTLE CATS' RESCUE is a no-kill sanctuary for our rescued cats, many of whom are senior and/or special needs. Located in New Port Richey, Florida, The Little Cats' Rescue was approved in 2003 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our cats live freely in the Sanctuary, as health and temperament allow. 


If you would like to meet one or more of the cats, please fill out and submit an adoption application form first so that we can contact you and schedule a visit. We cannot accommodate unscheduled walk-ins. Thank you! 


Rae Anna is the best. I’ve never met someone so passionate about what she does and how she cares for kitties in her care. Our experience was so great the first time with our two adoptions that we went back and got two more two years later. Don’t go there intent on a specific cat as your kitty will pick you and give your great joy all their years thereafter!
--Dino E.

I have helped to support this rescue for several years now. My interactions with the owner have always been positive. She has given me advice many times with my own personal cat issues and rescues. She is always prompt in her replies to me. She is always willing to help a kitty (and also rescued her pup) in need as her resources and time allow. She has cats with medical issues and always sees to it that they get the assistance they need. A great deal of the work at this rescue she does herself with some steady volunteers and some that are temporary. She is dedicated to the kitties and will always do what is best for their welfare.
--Lorri P.

So thankful for The Little Cats Rescue for all the love and care they give homeless and unwanted cats! They have saved so many and give them the best care possible. I adopted a six year old kitty who they took in when found in a dumpster and who has now become my closest companion. They truly love each and every animal and I’m grateful to them for saving my Piper.
--Christine M.

RaeAnna is an incredible human being with a heart bigger than the globe. She cares for all God's little ones with open arms and the best possible care imaginable. We just adopted 4 from her. I was happy to see how much time she put into vetting us - that's a good thing because who would want these little ones going anywhere except into a totally loving and caring home? THANK YOU Rae, and thank God there are still a few people like you on this earth.
--Frank M.

I so enjoyed meeting the owner and one of the volunteers! It is very obvious, that these kittens snd cats are well cared for and very loved! My husband and I, originally went for one specific kitten, but as it goes....it's the cats that choose their humans LOL. We ended up adopting a set of brother kittens who are absolutely beautiful. The cats are healthy, so lovable and a joy to add to our household. The owner was very thorough, in making sure that our household was an appropriate one to send the kittens to. I really appreciate her communication, answering all the questions that I had. I can't say enough wonderful things about the little cats rescue and would highly recommend this place for anyone looking to adopt kittens or cats.
--Colleen W.

I have been involved with The Little Cats' Rescue for more than 12 years. The cats are well cared for and live in a cage free environment until they are adopted and have a home for life at the Rescue if they are not. RaeAnna has dedicated her life to caring for the cats.
--Dorothy M.

I love TLCR. I have been associated with them for years. I have 3 of their kitties. All the cats live in a great place. Well taken care of and not caged. I cannot say enough about the good work being done there. Adoptions are scrutinized to be sure all the kitties go to good homes. Kudos to you.
--Josie C.

I have personally been here. The cats are well taken care of and so very loved. Their caretaker RaeAnna has given her life for these little ones. Do any of you realize how much work this takes to maintain?? She goes above and beyond for each cat and kitten in her care. I highly recommend adopting from The Little Cats Rescue and I have the utmost respect for her and all of the volunteers that help.
--Lori M.

I have volunteered for and adopted a cat from The Little Cats Rescue. All I can say is that these cats receive PREMIUM care and love. I am grateful to the founder for dedicating her life to helping little cats.
--Jodi C.

Our family has known RaeAnna for several years. It would be difficult to find a more caring, loving person who has devoted 100% of her time to caring for & rehoming her rescue cats. She truly loves every one of her cats and gives them all the best of care. She doesn't shy away from those who have special needs. All her cats receive proper veterinary care. She is choosy about who adopts any of her fur babies and does home visits to make sure the families & adoptees are perfect fits. All donations go entirely to fulfill the needs of her cats. We highly recommend her.
--Terry P.

The Little Cats' Rescue was founded in loving memory of Zacheriah T. Cat. Rescued from abuse in 1989, he slept by our founder's side for 13 years.