If you would like to meet one or more of the cats, please fill out and submit an adoption application form first so that we can contact you and schedule a visit. We cannot accommodate unscheduled walk-ins. Thank you!

Princess Warrior Eliza

Great news!!! Our princess warrior Eliza has been adopted and is now having fun exploring her forever home and snuggling with her new mom and dad. We couldn't be happier for everyone! 
Eliza even has her very own Facebook page now, where you can see lots of pictures and videos of her daily adventures. 
Congratulations, Eliza! We know you're going to have the best life with your wonderful new family!

Be sure to follow Eliza's adventures at

Zacheriah and Lobster

These two!!!

The Snow Leopards

Asha and her brother Sanjay were the "snow leopard" bottle babies who came to us when they were two weeks old and weighed just 5 ounces. They fought hard to survive and it was a long haul getting them to thrive. Today they are healthy, playful, affectionate siblings who love each other and want to be adopted together. No matter who they are playing with in the kitten room, they always end up in each other’s arms. Sanjay is the most affectionate lap cat ever; Asha is very affectionate but a little more reserved. They are easy to tell apart...Asha is the bigger, darker one.
Here are some baby pictures of this purry little pair, showing how they started out as tiny bottle babies, and how far they've come...