Thursday, August 21, 2014

Update on Chewie!

UPDATE:  How fragile life is  - how quickly things can change.  Suddenly, the remission of Chewie's illness came upon him, and Chewie has left our world.   While he experienced more than his share of struggle, pain and fear in this life, he also was blessed with so much love.  Chewie did not go alone and afraid, but in the arms of his foster mom (RaeAnna), hers being the last voice he heard.  Dear one, you are finally resting - pain and fear free.   

We still have a balance at the vet for Chewie of $300, if you'd like to help pay that down so others can be vetted. 


Chewie is still happily with us..and would still love his own home.  He's in excellent health and a real sweetheart.

He is doing extremely well!  Chewie eats Natural Balance canned and dry food now, and hasn't had a problem in over a month. He is slowly (the best way) putting on weight. Chewie is really blossoming into a wonderful cat!  The remaining vet balance for Chewie is $225. We would be so grateful if you would help us pay this down, so other cats can have their turn!  
Upon his return in April.  Chewie was emaciated, unable to hold down his food, and in a lot of pain.  He wanted nothing to do with anyone - feline, canine, or human. 
Today I caught Chewie napping on his favorite blankie!  He has blossomed into a cat and dog-friendly, loving lap cat, who is VERY talkative!  His favorite word:   "Hello?"  Over and over again! Chewie is so smart!  When he cannot find RaeAnna - she hears his "hello" and says, "Here I am!" He always finds his foster mom and leads her to his private feeding room for his special food, or sits next to her when he wants some loving as they watch the ballgame!


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