Thurman Hits a Home Run!

About two years ago, someone left a cardboard box crammed full of cats on the sidewalk in front of our adoption center, and abandoned them in the hot Florida sun. Thankfully, they were discovered quickly and we rescued them before they had a chance to overheat and dehydrate...or worse.

There were so many of them, we had to name them after members of an entire baseball team...the Yankees! Eventually they all got traded to new teams and found loving new homes and families...all except one. Through no fault of his own, Thurman was the last one left on the bench, even though he's such an affectionate and playful boy. Well, Thurman's patience has paid off, and today he finally found himself sliding into home...a wonderful new home with a loving new family. Congratulations Thurman (and his new mom, Kathy) on your major league success!!!