New Arrivals

Sweet little Purrsia was a homeless stray, and even though she's just a baby herself, she was pregnant. Now she is a young mother to four newborn kittens. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you feed without "fixing." PLEASE, if you are kind enough to feed a stray, be wise enough to spay her or neuter him.

We now have not one but five new arrivals to feed and care for here at the Sanctuary, plus upcoming vet exams for momma and babies to prepare them all for adoption when the time is right. We could really use your generous support and donations to purchase kitten food and all the other supplies necessary to give this sweet young feline family the best start in life. You can click here to donate with PayPal. Thank you!!!

Stay tuned... We'll be sure to keep you posted with photos and videos as the kittens grow and develop playful purr-sonalities of their own!