Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Willie is our newest Miracle!

Miracles DO  happen.  The Little Cats' Rescue has been unable to admit any cats since September, due to lack of funds.  It's been painfully difficult to continually turn them away,  but we cannot take on more than we can handle.  However, last week a call came in from a kind woman named Helen. A
 kitten had made his home in the engine of her motor home, which was about to hit the road again.  He would come out for food from Helen,  but then he'd scamper back into the engine.  Helen called The Little Cats' Rescue to say that she was leaving, and the kitten would be left to fend for himself. 
 Something in RaeAnna's heart told her to say "yes" to this little boy. (Bear in mind that she didn't know his color or gender until he arrived).  RaeAnna named him Willie (for Nelson - "on the road again...") Willie quickly became brave and playful. Just prior to his arrival, a dear friend (pictured holding Willie) of RaeAnna's came back into her life after a 6-year absence. Leslie's precious kitty Dodger died, and she wanted a male, baby grey tabby to join her multi-cat household (which includes a white deaf male named Misha - who came from TLCR!) This family has been through hell and back - they lost everything..and yet through it all, not once did it enter their minds to "surrender" even one of their cats. They stuck together as a family and have made it through! And now, miracle of miracles, little Willie found his forever family just one week after arrived at The Little Cats' Rescue!  We are SOOOO happy for them! 
Would you like to help TLCR to rescue, rehab and rehome more little kitties like Willie?  Just click on "how to help" above to give a tax-deductible donation.  We cannot do it alone!  There are so many more babies and adults out there needing rescue!  By the way, that adorable abby/tabby in the background is George - he's longing for his own forever home!   — at The Little Cats' Rescue Sanctuary.

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