Sunday, September 8, 2013

Roadside Rescues

Sofia (left) and Stasia (right) are such an adorable pair of purry and playful kittens...which makes it so difficult to understand their sad beginning at the hands of some really cruel people. Both of these precious girls were thrown out of cars along US 19 in separate incidents this summer, and left to die on the roadside. Miraculously, both kittens were spotted by their own sets of guardian angels, who rescued them from danger and brought them to The Little Cats' Rescue to help find them a safe and loving home.

Fate brought these two little girls together, and they have become the best of friends ever since, playing and cuddling together, and never far apart from each other. Their bond doesn't stop them from giving a whole lot of love to their purrson!  We want them to go a family who will adopt them both, so they can remain together forever.

Sofia is a very inquisitive and energetic little tortie--her favorite activity is chasing her crinkly ball across the room. Stasia is a bit more subdued, but a playful kitten nonetheless.  Her purr is very loud - her fur shiny silver and so soft!  

Both girls are healthy, happy, and looking for a wonderful loving home. If you are interested in giving and getting a lot of love and laughter in return, please fill out an adoption application so we can schedule a time for you to come and meet them.

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