Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trailer Park Tribulations

Poor little Shadow, Victoria, and Rusty were found abandoned in a condemned trailer park on Route 19 in Port Richey...starving, thirsty, and afraid. The place was very unsafe and was apparently full of abandoned and neglected cats. Someone even spray-painted a desperate plea for help on a plywood sign alongside one of the empty trailers. 

We first discovered a timid young female cat hiding underneath one of the abandoned homes. It took a little time and patience to coax her out, but once she emerged from the shadows, we could see what a sweet and friendly little girl she truly is. Naturally, we named her Shadow!  

Another little girl, a beautiful tortie/calico was close behind Shadow, underneath the same trailer, and she now goes by the name Victoria. They were a little shy and scared at first, but they quickly realized we were there to give them food and water, and rescue them from this miserable place. The girls appear to be the same age, and it's possible that they are sisters, but we're not sure.

Shadow and Victoria

Next, we found a little orange tabby boy, who we named Rusty, living near another abandoned trailer. He too was very hungry and weak, but he came running right up to his rescuers as if to tell us he needed to get out of that place as quickly as possible!

Today, all three cats are healthy, safe, and learning to play and trust. They're going to make wonderful pets and will be forever grateful to be in a loving adoptive home, knowing that they overcame such adversity early on in life.

If you would like to meet Shadow, Victoria, and Rusty in purr-son, and hopefully give one or more of them that safe and loving adoptive home, please call or e-mail our TLC Sanctuary to schedule a time to visit, or to find out when we'll be bringing them to one of our weekend adoption events. 

Our phone number is (727) 359-9629 and our e-mail address is

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