Saturday, February 4, 2012

There's No Stopping Van Gogh

It's truly heartbreaking to hear how much this poor little guy has been through in just his first two years of life...but equally inspiring to see how he has persevered and is overcoming all of life's obstacles. We rescued Van Gogh from county animal control's death row, where he had only hours to live. He had been abandoned and was homeless, left to fend for himself outside in the Florida sun, and as a result he developed skin cancer on one part of his body not protected by fur--his ears. White cats in particular are susceptible to skin cancer caused by excessive sun exposure because they lack protective pigment in their skin.

Dr. Lamb at Trinity Pet Hospital will be performing surgery to remove the damage to Van Gogh's ears. We could sure use financial help for Van Gogh's treatment. If anyone wants to help sponsor him, please send a check to our P.O. Box, or you can make a credit card donation through PayPal. Just click here to make a donation

Thank you for your support, and we will keep you all posted on Van Gogh's progress. He's a wonderful little boy, and other than his ears, there's nothing wrong with him. He's really sweet and you can tell he's so grateful to have been rescued and given another chance to survive. Once he's all healed from his surgery, he'll make a wonderful and inspiring companion to that special someone who's willing to adopt a special cat.

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