Meet the Littlest Members of The Little Cats' Rescue

Our newest arrivals! These two precious babies drank from the "miracle nipple" like they hadn't eaten in a week. They weigh just five ounces. The man who found them said he's heard them outside for two weeks, that there were four, and that he's never seen a mother. I don't see how they could have survived that long, and I don't see how they can be over two weeks old. They are all warmed up now, sleeping on a heating pad. He's looking for the other two and the mom. Gonna be a long night. But that's okay. That's why I'm here.


Day two - from 5 ounces to 6-1/2 ounces! Eyes just opened, ears halfway open. Never found the rest of the family. They look like little snow leopards. They are putting me through my paces, that's for sure. Anyone in the New Port Richey area who would like to come take a shift or two bottle feeding them, or taking care of the others while I feed them, please e-mail me at And if you're unable to help out in purr-son, you can help us care for these kittens by sponsoring them with a tax-deductible donation through PayPal. Click here to become a sponsor.

Don't worry, I'm spending plenty of time with the Pokemon crew and Zacheriah and his cohorts. Zeke and Riley are being taken to their new and forever home tomorrow by Dorian Saber Canalizo. I'm so grateful for you, Dory. And ALL of you sports fans out there who lend a hand, send a buck, send encouragement...I love you ALL!!!!! 

UPDATE: 2-1/2 Weeks Old And Growing!

We are all tuckered out from our yummy bottle and our warm bath and blow dry. We are the little Snow Leopards, a boy and a girl, now weighing 8-1/2 ounces each. We are about two and a half weeks old. Don't worry, mamma RaeAnna, we will wake up in two-three hours, and you can feed us again!

As you can hear on this video, they certainly have strong lungs!


UPDATE: 6 weeks and growing!
Yep, these are the same two "bottle babies" growing up fast! Sanjay and Asha love each other so much. They're not quite ready to be "speutered" but they will be soon. No matter who they are playing with all day in the kitten room, they always end up in each other's arms.