TLC Rescue needs your HELP!

The Little Cats’ Rescue is in need of financial assistance. Our sanctuary in New Port Richey has suffered a flood in the sanctuary due to faulty pipes.  We are dryed out and ready to restore - but we need the materials or funds to purchase them for four rooms.

The Little Cats' Rescue is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that has worked for the last 11 years to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home domestic cats who have been abandoned or neglected. Many have been rescued from death at local animal controls.  Some of the cats are "lifers" - and will live out their lives in comfort and with love at TLC sanctuary. We are blessed to have heroes in the community who step up and offer a helping hand, financially or physically.  We hope to find others to join our partnership with the community.  It truly takes a village!

If you are able to help in any way, please contact RaeAnna at (727) 359-9629, or email us at

Thank you!!

Ironman Donations

The Ironman Foundation is still accepting donations for The Little Cats Rescue until Dec 2nd, 2013! Please help Susan Ott reach her goal of $5k donated for the cats!

Here is the direct link to Susan Ott's personal Ironman Foundation donation page:

Please contact us at with any questions or if you'd like to donate in a different way.


TLC Bake Sale at Tractor Supply

Join us on Saturday October 19th at the Tractor Supply Co. store on S.R. 54 in New Port Richey (just west of Walmart) for a fundraiser to benefit The Little Cats' Rescue! We'll have delicious treats and creative crafts available. Stop by and help support this great cause. 100% of the proceeds will go to the care and feeding of all the cats & kittens at TLC. See you there!

The Ironman Foundation Donations for TLC

Note: the Ironman Foundation is still accepting donations until Dec 2nd, 2013! Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!
Susan M. Ott is participating in the Ironman Foundation's Ironman Florida 2013 event on November 2nd. All of the donations she receives are going to support The Little Cats Rescue!

Please consider contributing (even the smallest donations add up!). To receive information on how to make a donation via card or check, please e-mail us at or leave your e-mail address in a comment.

Thank you, on behalf of Susan and everyone at The Little Cats Rescue, Inc.!

Roadside Rescues

Sofia (left) and Stasia (right) are such an adorable pair of purry and playful kittens...which makes it so difficult to understand their sad beginning at the hands of some really cruel people. Both of these precious girls were thrown out of cars along US 19 in separate incidents this summer, and left to die on the roadside. Miraculously, both kittens were spotted by their own sets of guardian angels, who rescued them from danger and brought them to The Little Cats' Rescue to help find them a safe and loving home.

Fate brought these two little girls together, and they have become the best of friends ever since, playing and cuddling together, and never far apart from each other. Their bond doesn't stop them from giving a whole lot of love to their purrson!  We want them to go a family who will adopt them both, so they can remain together forever.

Sofia is a very inquisitive and energetic little tortie--her favorite activity is chasing her crinkly ball across the room. Stasia is a bit more subdued, but a playful kitten nonetheless.  Her purr is very loud - her fur shiny silver and so soft!  

Both girls are healthy, happy, and looking for a wonderful loving home. If you are interested in giving and getting a lot of love and laughter in return, please fill out an adoption application so we can schedule a time for you to come and meet them.


My name is Fang. I want my very own home where there are just a few, or no, other cats. Nice dogs are fine, and I'm OK with gentle children. I am a Russian Blue, very loyal to my purrson. I am sweet and gentle and talkative. I purr very loudly, and I like to curl up next to your feet while we sleep. I was front declawed and found myself out on the street. Luckily, I made it safely to The Little Cats' Rescue, where they got me back to emotional and physical health. I don't know how old I am, but I'm a very healthy senior cat. I promise, if you take me home, we will be very happy together! 

All of these wonderful cats are available for adoption!
To read about each cat's purr-sonality, please click the "Our Cats" menu.

A Happy Homecoming

"Mew Mew" came to us after having been found wandering the streets of St. Petersburg. She was declawed, emaciated, had patches of missing fur and raw skin, and she was so afraid. After a while, she began to blossom...her skin healed, her fur started to grow back, and she was accepting of attention. Mew Mew (named by her rescuer) was still very afraid of the other cats, and refused to come out of her cat condo. When taken out, she'd just jump right back in!

At that point, we were blessed to have Deborah Kowel step up and offer to foster her. Deb changed her name to "Czarina." It didn't take much time before Czarina was up on the bed with Deb and her other cats! We had several applicants for Czarina, but none "clicked" until Nicole and Sid offered to adopt her. We did our due diligence, and decided that pending a home visit, the adoption was a "go!" Deb drove Czarina all the way to her new home. 

Despite her trauma, thanks to her angels that kept her alive out there and the caring person who found her and contacted The Little Cats' Rescue in New Port Richey, Czarina is safe and happy in her forever home with Nicole and Sid. She is only about three years old, and we believe she will have a long and happy life. Her name is now Ziva...and guess where she lives? In St. Petersburg!!! We love a happy tail!

Please Help Us Help Them

These three cats were found in a carrier in the driveway of The Little Cats' Rescue at 6:30 a.m. We believe the mom cat to be about 10 months old. Her two babies are approximately 3 months old. Whoever abandoned them left no information about them and no money was left for their care. They were petrified, and we could not touch them. We are making progress with socializing them, and they will be adoptable. They need to be tested for FeLV,  spayed/neutered, and vaccinated. The Little Cats' Rescue relies solely on donations for survival, and we are in desperate need of funds. If you can help us to help them please click the PayPal logo at the right. You can also mail a donation to P.O. Box 1559, Elfers, FL 34680. Any amount you can spare to help these abandoned kitties is tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. It truly takes a village!

Adopt A Shelter

Please visit our Adopt-A-Shelter page before you shop online, and The Little Cats' Rescue will receive a donation from the merchants! There's no registration, no log-in, no password, and no cost to you! It's free and easy, and helps us to care for our kitties as we rescue, rehabilitate and, hopefully, rehome them! Simply click this link and start shopping!  You don't have to come here first to shop for us!  Just visit and enter The Little Cats Rescue.  You can either start shopping, or then go to, enter The Little Cats Rescue, and TLCR will receive donations from BOTH of them!!  We have a wish list at Amazon as well!  You shop, they ship!  Easy-Peasy!

Click here to start shopping!

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Thurman Hits a Home Run!

About two years ago, someone left a cardboard box crammed full of cats on the sidewalk in front of our adoption center, and abandoned them in the hot Florida sun. Thankfully, they were discovered quickly and we rescued them before they had a chance to overheat and dehydrate...or worse.

There were so many of them, we had to name them after members of an entire baseball team...the Yankees! Eventually they all got traded to new teams and found loving new homes and families...all except one. Through no fault of his own, Thurman was the last one left on the bench, even though he's such an affectionate and playful boy. Well, Thurman's patience has paid off, and today he finally found himself sliding into home...a wonderful new home with a loving new family. Congratulations Thurman (and his new mom, Kathy) on your major league success!!! 

Starlight... Star Bright...

We are SO happy! Our "Princess of TLC Rescue" has landed in her very own palace. Starlight had been with TLC since she was just a baby. She turned four years on April 2nd, and went to her forever home yesterday, April 4th! 

We know that Starlight, Barbara and Sherry will live happily ever after, and she will have fun with her two new cat buddies! 

Honk Honk!!!

Thank you to all our hard-working volunteers (especially the one in the bunny suit!) and to all the generous customers and donors who helped make this weekend's Easter Bake Sale such a great success. The cats enjoyed meeting all the friendly shoppers at Tractor Supply Co., and they'll be back at TSC next weekend. 

Thanks again for supporting The Little Cats' Rescue! >^..^<