Young  -  Female  -  Small  -  Black

Sweet and gentle Purrsia (a "free roamer") became pregnant in her first heat at just four months old! When her feeders noticed her condition, they contacted us. A few hours before Purrsia was to leave for our Sanctuary, she gave birth to four beautiful babies. That was in August of 2019. Remaining are Starr and Frisco. Purrsia was, and is, a loving and attentive mommy. Starr and Purrsia are very bonded and should go home together.

Purrsia is very playful and very loving. When approached, she immediately rolls onto her back to get belly rubs!

Good in a home with:
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Purrsia with her baby girl Starr.

Purrsia being an attentive mommy to her babies.

Purrsia enjoying a good stretch-and-yawn with Starr on their window perch.