New Arrivals!

Here are some of the latest newcomers to The Little Cats' Rescue...

Sweet little Quinn was rescued from a neighborhood in Port Richey that is overrun with strays. Her mom has been spayed and TNR'd so she won't continue to have more kittens. Quinn is now up to 13 oz. and doing really well, eating on her own (that's food all over her face!), and using the litter box already. She sometimes hangs out with Zacheriah, until he gets bored with her. Quinn is not yet ready for adoption, but we wanted to show you this little cutie-pie in hopes of getting some pre-adoption applications for her. Click here for an adoption form. 

Brody, a handsome tabby kitten, came from the same street as Quinn. All of them were loaded with fleas and parasites, and both babies had a mild upper respiratory infection. They're all safe now at our rescue, where they're receiving medical treatment and lots of TLC.

These new residents have been given the "luxury suite" - the front screened porch - which serves as a calm, comfortable transition from their outdoor life as strays struggling for survival out on the streets, to what will now be their much safer new life as happy indoor cats in a loving adoptive home.

We will be assisting their rescuer in cleaning up that neighborhood in Port Richey. We've already spotted many unneutered males, two females, and a ton of kittens. All donations from this post will be used for this project. Please click here to make a donation through PayPal and t
hank you for caring!

Another recent arrival, Jamie, is such a sweet and gentle lap cat. She is very curious and brave. Jamie was brought to us as a stray - we thought she was pregnant, but thankfully she was not. She spent the first few weeks hiding under the bed, but liked to sit on our laps. Jamie is slowly getting comfortable with all the other cats and our 68 lb. cat-loving doggie. We would love to find the purrfect forever home for this sweet girl. 

If you are interested in adopting Jamie or any of our other cats and kittens, please click here for an adoption application form.